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Sorting - Services Matrec Inc, Une Société de GFL / A GFL Company

Sorting centres among the most efficient in the industry!

At Services Matrec, the sorting centres use modern equipment enabling perfect control over their operations. A combination of scales, bundling or briquetting presses, motorized conveyers, magnetic metal extractors and drum screens, cardboard and fiber separators, containers, and an optical sorting scanner are used to clean up and recover materials for them to be recycled.
SortingServices Matrec relies on a team of dedicated and multi-skilled employees to sort its materials. Paper, cardboard, plastic, glass and metal are thus recycled. Services Matrec is also the first company to collect and process juice and milk containers, in addition to flexible plastic films.

With infrastructures servicing the Montreal area, over 100,000 metric tonnes of recyclable materials are processed by Services Matrec, making the company one of the largest resellers of recycled materials in Quebec. Thanks to the combination of it employee and equipment, Services Matrec has among the most efficient sorting centres in the industry. The rigorous control of materials allows us to provide municipalities, among others, with very useful environmental performance data.