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Technical landfills - Services Matrec Inc, Une Société de GFL / A GFL Company

Safe disposal of residual materials

Even with all the efforts put into the practice of the 4Rs principles (reduce, reuse, recycle and reclaim residual materials), our company still produces large quantities of ultimate waste.  Services Matrec and its divisions are doing all they can so these materials can be disposed of without damaging the environment.

technical landfillOwing to state-of-the-art methodologies of confinement, we make sure biogas and leachate from the decomposition of waste are contained, treated or converted. Our landfill cells are equipped with a double layer of insulating material, two geomembranes ensures long term sealing. A tunnel under the site also gives access to the drains collecting the leachate, allowing us to detect any possible leaks and monitor the quality of the underground water. The leachate is treated before it is released in the wastewater system. The biogas is collected by a well and catchment system that delivers the gas to a facility, who in turn burns it to produce electricity. This method of recovery greatly reduces greenhouse gas emissions since the methane, primary constituent of biogas, generates 21 to 23 times more greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide. This way, Services Matrec manages the society’s waste in an environmentally friendly manner and contributes to the fight against climate changes.

technicla landfill

In Saguenay, Services Matrec innovates its practices by using a mobile building to unload the garbage trucks inside of it, therefore preventing the dispersion of lighter materials, such as plastic bags, in the environment.  In Eastern Ontario, Lafleche Environmental’s engineered landfill site manages and processes residual materials collected in the surrounding areas, and is also equipped with a technologically advanced composting site.