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Sorting centres - Services Matrec Inc, Une Société de GFL / A GFL Company

Nothing is lost, everything is recycled!

At Services Matrec, the recovery and conversion of residual materials is more than a service, it’s our approach. In the early 90s, Services Matrec was one of the first companies to provide the collection of recyclables. This is the result of many years of experience that we pass on to our customers in municipalities, and from industrial, commercial and institutional sectors (ICI).

sortingAll the recyclable materials from our service of collection of recyclables are brought to one of the sorting centres. These centres are located near main roads to minimize the transport of materials and the impact of this on the environment. Our sorting infrastructures were modernized over the years to maximize the quality of the recovered materials and to ensure that a better quality product is made from the recycling of these materials. A combination of scales, bundling or briquetting presses, glass crushers, motorized conveyers, magnetic metal extractors and drum screens are used to clean up and recover materials. Owing to teams of multi-skilled employees, Services Matrec is also the first company to collect and process juice and milk containers, in addition to flexible plastic films. The company works hand in hand with its municipal customers to allow them to closely keep track of the evolution of the environmental performance in their area, with the help of specific statistics.

Services Matrec’s vision when it comes to the management of residual materials is one of integration. By offering regions a bundle of services (recovery, recycling, conversion or disposal of residual materials), the company guarantees its customers their residual materials will be managed in a responsible and ecological manner. For this purpose, our transfer station can consolidate the ultimate waste from the municipal collection or from ICI, and transport them to an engineered landfill site, thereby minimizing the number of trucks on the roads. The smart way to go is using for recycled materials, the management of residual materials with the collection of recyclables, and for ultimate waste, a domestic collection.