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Important message to all our customers - Services Matrec Inc, Une Société de GFL / A GFL Company

It was recently announced Canada Post could be facing a potential labour disruption as early as the end of June 2016, which may affect the reception date of your next paper bill. Please know that this labour disruption might be deferred or cancel at any time.

If there is in fact a labour disruption, you are still responsible to pay your bill to Matrec by the due date specified on the bill.

We would like to take this opportunity to inform you of the options that you have.  Please contact Hélène Lecerf at to receive your invoice by email or your usual administration contact if it is different than Boucherville.


Use a different payment option (other than mail) from the list hereafter :

  • Electronic funds transfer directly to Services Matrec’s bank account.  Banking information will be provided upon request.  Enquiries for information should be addressed to  Moïra Suarez at 450 645-3123 or  Payment details must be sent by email at;
  • Pre-authorized payment — The amount will be debited from your account the fifth day of each month (form to complete).  You can request the form by email:;
  • Credit card payment—The payment can be done automatically on your credit card the twentieth of each month or manually upon request from your end (Form to complete). You can request the form by email :


We would like to remind you that our payment terms are net 30 days.  In order to avoid any problems with your account, if there is a labour disruption at Canada Post, please avoid mailing your payment because we might not receive it in a timely manner.

Important: Any account for which the credit limit or the payment term is exceeded is subject to interruption in service by notice informing you of the situation.

Should you have any questions or requests concerning this communication, please address it to:

Services Matrec Inc.
Credit and collection department
Direct line: 450 641-3070 ext. : 3089 or your usual debt collector assigned to your account.